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To encourage you to try the baths, two first-timers can get in for the price of one.SUNDAY - MEN ONLY  |  MONDAY - MIXED  |  WEDNESDAY - WOMEN ONLY 
New Docklands Steam Baths is run almost entirely by volunteers. 
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In London’s industrial heart there’s an oasis of calm, relaxation and conviviality where you can enjoy all the health benefits of a traditional Turkish baths – with a bit of Russian thrown in! Here you can sweat out the week’s grime in the steam rooms, relax aching muscles and joints in the sauna or chill out in the ice-cold plunge; you can have your skin whipped within an inch of its life in the schmeissing room, or pummelled then gently massaged on one of the massage slabs, or you can find out what the true meaning of invigoration is by being beaten with bundles of leafy birch twigs in the Russian room. But don’t be daunted: you go at your own pace and do as much or as little as you like. Regular users are always around to show you what?s what and guide you in how best to enjoy the many treatments on offer. Soon you’ll be as hooked as they are. And when you’re feeling rejuvenated and better than you’ve felt for longer than you can remember, you can go upstairs, take a breather, grab a bite to eat or a drink in the café, watch some TV, check out the free-use internet, or put your feet up and fall asleep in the comfortable lounge chairs. All for a maximum price of £14. Now, can you really think of anywhere else in London that offers you so much for such a low price? No, neither can we. So see you soon, then.
At the New Docklands Steam Club you can enjoy the steam and hot rooms and go away feeling relaxed and with a wonderful sense of well-being. And you can stay as long as you want. But to get the most out of the club, try one of the treatments below. Just turn up with a towel, trunks or bathing costume for the upstairs area and, if you like, a pair of flip-flops or shower shoes, then go downstairs to the steam rooms where these traditional treatments can be explored.
MASSAGE. The club has a professional, qualified masseur in most days and the prices are extremely reasonable.  Just ask when you come in.  There are also some pretty adept amateurs who are on hand to give you a free massage.  Often people exchange a massage, using soap or oil.  The therapeutic benefits of massage are well known and we have many regular customers who swear that a great massage here is what gets them through the following week… Come and see for yourself.
SCHMEISSING. Originally schmeissing was a Jewish ritual carried out with a raffia brush. It looks like a kind of mop that is swung in a rotatory fashion over the person lying on the marble slab, building up the hot air in the room and stimulating the skin. The soft soapy brush is then rubbed against the body, scrubbing the  skin and giving it an amazing exfoliation. As well as removing dead or damaged skin, the scrubbing helps to increase circulation and oxygen flow around the body. You come out feeling refreshed, reinvigorated - and cleaner than you’ve ever been!
VENIK. An essential part of Russian bath is venik - fragrant bundles of leafy birch or oak tree twigs. Venik bundles are struck against the body, invigorating the skin and improving blood circulation. It helps with muscle and joint pain and improves respiration. Essential oils released by venik improve metabolism and prevent premature aging of the skin. If you’re nice to one of the many Russian, Lithuanian or Latvian regulars, they may well offer you a venik treatment - you’ll be tingling for a week.
New Docklands Steam Baths30A Stephenson Street, Canning Town,  London, E16 4SA
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Уважаемые Дамы и Господа!  Приглашаем Вас посетить нашу сауну. Здесь Вас ждут: -Четыре Турецкие паровые комнаты-Русская баня с вениками-Бассейн-Массаж-Комната отдыха-Sky TV-Интернет Мы рады Вас видеть 7 дней в неделю (в среду только женщины с 9:00 до 21:00) с 9 утра и до 22 вечера. За дополнительной информацией обращайтесь по телефону 02074731454 (по-английски).  Если Вы собираетесь к нам впервые, то можете взять с собой друга совершенно бесплатно и получить вход для двоих по цене одного (только по воскресеньям). В продаже имеются веники, £5 за штуку.